Official Statement

mgrassow01Please be patient during the time I refresh my whole web presence. This is the one and only OFFICIAL artist site. All posts and news here are still and finally permitted by MATHIAS GRASSOW himself.

Same with the facebook.

All other facebook pages will no more longer updated by mine, or will be permitted by myself. I don’t attend to any official internet portals anymore. No facebook, no myspace, twitter or else. If anybody want to get in personal contact, please feel free to use the contact formular here. Please visit my site regularly for any news or postings by myself.

First note here to avoid anymore discussions :

Due to musical and personal differences I no longer work together with EL-CULTO since near to five years !

Last work: „DAGAZ“ who was in the pipeline for years. DAGAZ defintely is the last album produced by EC .

There will be NO Grassow albums, no re-releases and else anymore now and in future released on this label and there will be no more collaborations with Tomas Weiss now and in future.
Last album of us was the first“AESTRATA“ years ago !

I wish EL-CULTO Label all the best for the future.

All requests regarding business circumstances please klick here.


Regarding copyright:

I used samples on several CD’s without explicit permission.

I wish to thank Einar Selvik (WARDRUNA) for professional handling and obligingness !

My deep apologies for this dissonance in my musical career by light minded using of sounds and careless use of sounds .

I deeply respect the music of the mentioned bands ! It never was my aim to snub somebody in past, present and in future.

I don’t want to discuss here once more this sensitive topic in the public eye by several understandable reasons.

This occurrence will lead me and my musical path onto another shores, as will become apparent soon.