Mathias Grassow Shaman In the Studio

The sudden and untimely departure of Klaus also saw the beginning of a period of certain productivity, where Mathias carries on the tradition of unlocking the mysteries of the mind and body through musical experimentation. The music follows the school of thought that it is not only an external phenomenon but something resonating inside us as well.

These musical wanderings simply explore the uncharted paths of those frequencies that make up our world through sound, and their effects on our uninhibited minds. The Alchemy Sessions are created in an ad hoc fashion where the pieces are recorded as they take place without further overdubs or editing. Material is then collated and the most powerful pieces are selected for publishing. The sound remains raw and pure at the same time.

Please find below the most important recordings of Mathias Grassow in this ‚free-style-ambient‘ – recorded live at home:


Mathias Grassow Shaman - Discography


Mathias Grassow – Alchemystery (2012-02-01)

Mathias Grassow Alchemystery

Freestyle recordings are the order of the day as Mathias treads an improvised path into the colourful and enigmatic realms of the ever present mystery that is music. Traditionalists and purists beware, these sound sculptings will challenge any drone-ambient prejudice. Double album comes in a jewelcase with a 16-page booklet.



Mathias Grassow – Wisdom Of Fate (2012-06-04)

Mathias Grassow Wisdom Of Fate

Continuing on his musical wanderings as seen on „Alchemystery“, Mathias once again travels down the obscured path of the shaman. Solemn soundscaping with heavy elements of percussion and flute selected from material recorded in winter and spring of 2012. The search for the legendary springs of Mímir and Urðr has begun. Double album comes in a jewelcase with a 16-page booklet.



Mathias Grassow & Carsten Agthe – Beyond The Silence (2012-11-08)

Mathias Grassow Carsten Agthe Beyond The Silence

In the summer of 2012, Mathias and Carsten performed live at the Gut Saunstorf, a retreat in Northern Germany. The concert marked the end of an extended period of silence for the people attending. The recording captures two hours of raw and ritualistic music and also features some new improvisations which were recorded during the night shift at the local hotel. Double album in jewelcase with 16-page booklet.